What better way to celebrate the first day of December than hanging out with Molly, Pete and Matt at Drink?  I like going to Drink on a Tuesday evening—it’s relatively quiet which means it’s easy to get a seat and I can chat with the bartenders and indulge my inner cocktail geek.  A  Tuesday evening with good friends + good drinks = good times.

Happily enjoying Tuesday evening at Drink with Pete and Matt

Happily enjoying Tuesday evening at Drink with Pete and Matt

A very photogenic Molly enjoying her first JDP

On this visit, I was able to check the Ramos Gin Fizz off my list of 100 must-drink cocktails (as identified by Anvil, a bar in Houston). As I took my first sip, I thought where have you been all my life? Even though I have just discovered this amazingly delicious drink, it has been around since the late 1880s. Developed in New Orleans as a brunch libation, this unique drink features gin, lemon and lime juices, cream, an egg white, orange blossom water and soda. In the 19th century, the popularity of the “New Orleans Fizz” (as it was then called) quickly grew. To keep up with demand, crews of “shaker boys” were hired to vigorously shake these drinks for 10 minutes each.

The Ramos Gin Fizz

So, what does gin, lemon, lime, and orange blossom water shaken with cream and an egg white taste like? Heaven in a glass! Seriously. The subtle scent of orange blossom hits you before you take a sip. Orange fragrance makes me think of sunshine and breakfast. Its warmth and comfort combined. Then you take a taste—the egg white, combined with the cream, create this unique texture that is smooth and rich, but not heavy. [And don’t be scared off by the use of an egg. I was leery of this myself, but when you taste how yum this is, you will totally be over your fear.] The lemon and lime juice and soda add a crisp, lightness. Like I said heaven in a glass. Served with a metal straw with a spoon on the end, you get to enjoy every last bit of gin foamy deliciousness.

So, the next chance you get, and any Tuesday evening is a good chance, check this one off your list. Salute!