It is day two of being sick and I am pretty bored with this scenario already.  My energy level isn’t allowing me to do much other than sleep a lot, watch bad Lifetime movies and veg on the couch.  To counter my own boredom, I  mustered up the strength to post a short piece to tell you about a new good friend of mine—the hot toddy. This is an old drink whose history is a bit foggy.  No one knows for sure who originally created this drink or who named it.  There is perhaps some connection between what we enjoy as a hot toddy today and a warm Indian beverage made of fermented palm tree sap.  The British trade with Indian in the 18th century is probably how the beverage made its way to the western world.  Or the name has its origins in a 1721 poem that refers to water used for tea from Todian Spring, the water supply for Edinburgh.  Since hot water is one of the most important ingredients in a hot toddy, maybe that’s where the warm drink got its name.  Whatever its European origins are, Americans have been enjoying toddies since the colonial era with spirits of all kinds.

Thanks to the magic of the internet, I was able to quickly get a recipe from bartender Josey Packard.  Here’s what she suggested:

Microwave 3 oz water, juice of half a lemon, teaspoon of honey until it’s very hot.

Then add 2 oz of whiskey—I used Old Overholt rye.

Oh, what a wonderfully warm way to soothe an aching body.  The lemon, honey and rye are just perfect together. And its all warmed up so it soothes my scratchy throat.  Hot booze when you’re sick is so good.  Cheers!

[Sorry, no picture with this post, I don’t have enough energy.]