Tiki Sundays are fun, but maybe even more so on a long weekend.  After enjoying a Jet Pilot (yum!) I asked Joe for something that was herbally, and Tiki-ish.  What he delivered can only be described as total deliciousness—the Chartreuse Swizzle is herbally, sweet and tart, simple, yet complex.

Paula's Mary Pickford and my Chartreuse Swizzle

Chartreuse Swizzle

½ oz Velvet Falernum

¾ oz lime

2 oz Chartruese

2 dashes Angostura bitters

According to David Embury in the Fine Art of Mixing Drinks a swizzle is “simply a sour-type drink churned with a swizzle stick until it attains a foamy appearance and the container becomes frosted.”  Embury goes on to explain the importance of the swizzle stick, a stick with a forked end that is used to mix the drink, “The bladed end is immersable in the drink, the shaft between the palms of the hand, and the whole stick rapidly rotated by sliding the hands back and forth against one another.”

Swizzles have been enjoyed since the 18th century and traditionally are made with rum, fruit juice like lime, pineapple or orange, and a flavored sweetener like grenadine or falernum.  The rum swizzle is often referred to as the national drink of Bermuda.  I have a foggy memory of visiting a place called the Swizzle Hut while on a high school trip to Bermuda; and I think I may have even bought a t-shirt that said something to the effect of “I got wrecked at the Swizzle Hut.”  The rum variety is good, but this Chartreuse variation is amazing.

Here’s to Chartreuse in a swizzle and another fun Tiki Sunday. Cheers!