After the insanity that is the holidays, there seems to be a natural pull that makes me want to hibernate from the January chill, so I make a concerted effort to go out to my favorite places and be warmed from the inside out.   On a recent snowy winter evening, Holly, Jim and I went to one such place, Craigie on Main.  We snagged my favorite spot at the bar– the far end that offers a great view of both the behind-the-bar action and the crowd.  We were warmly greeted by John and Ted.  I don’t need the bartenders to know who I am when I walk in the door (I am resisting a cheesy Cheers reference, but you catch my drift), but it sure does feel nice when they do.

Since Jim has shared his love of beer with me, it was time to return the favor and share my passion for cocktails with him in the form of the Cocktail Whim (and we’d throw Boston’s best burger into the mix for good measure).  I have extolled my preference for this “bartender’s choice” option before.  This time what I appreciated most of all was the chance to try out new creations that our bartender Ted Gallagher was working on—only one of our four mini-cocktails even had a name.


Jim enjoying a delicious tequila drink

I liked our 3rd drink best—Mitchner’s Rye, maple simple syrup, house-made pear bitters with a Scotch rinse and flamed rosemary essence.  It was fragrant, rich and warm—perfect to sip on a cold winter night.  The other highlights of the night for me were the El Camino, with rye, house made amber vermouth and Tremontis Mirto (an Italian myrtle berry liqueur—delicious!) and a taste of Craigie’s latest milk punch.

Ted flaming the rosemary essence

So, resist the pull to hibernate. Get off the couch, bundle up, and head out to your favorite place that’s as comfy as the old college sweatshirt you are wearing and warm yourself with a favorite drink, or better yet experience your bartender’s whim. Cheers!

Holly and I with our fabulous flips