The posts were light last month. I only managed to write one—sorry, faithful readers.  I temporarily let my heart replace my brain, but I am back on track.  So, here are some highlights from February:

A little birdie told me…Nightcapped has finally joined the 21st century and is now tweeting.  Not only do I like vintage cocktails, but I am also technically behind the times.  But the time has come for me to embrace the possibilities. So, follow Nightcapped on Twitter for frequent updates on what I’m drinking, where I’m hanging out and whatever other tidbits I decide to share. Tweet Tweet.

Gold Rush— A couple weeks ago, what I thought would be a regular Saturday evening at Craigie on Main turned into one of the most memorable dining experiences I’ve had.  Not only was every bite of the 6-course tasting menu delectable—Essex clams, prosciutto pasta, beef cheeks, crispy quinoa, and Campari sorbet to name a few of the memorable items—but the company was wonderful and the cocktails were fantastic.  Our bartender Anna happily took up our request for an all bourbon evening and mixed us up a number of delicious concoctions.  One of my favorites was the Gold Rush.  I loved it for it simplicity— 1 ½ oz bourbon (Black Maple Hill), ¾ oz honey syrup and ¾ oz lemon.  The honey and lemon temper the sweet richness of the bourbon, allowing it to shine.

The old Old Fashioned (that’s the one with no muddled fruit) became a staple of my libation consumption this past month.  While I have always enjoyed this drink, I came to better appreciate the flexibility and beauty of this cocktail.  I am still pretty sure that my preference is for an Old Fashioned with rye and a combo of Angostura and orange bitters,  but I enjoyed experimenting.  The possibilities seem endless with all the various whiskeys, bourbons, even tequilas, and all the bitters now at our disposal.

Really? I love the leftover milk from a bowl of sugary cereal as much as the next gal, but in a cocktail?  By the way, in my opinion Fruity Pebbles yields the best sweet milk!  DC bartender Derek Brown discusses the prospect in this article.  I’m skeptical.

That’s February’s last call. Cheers!