This unbearable heat has taken its toll on me.  I don’t seem to have the energy to write a whole lot, so here are some of the highlights from my Wednesday night visit to Drink with Paula.

The Americano—the predecessor to the Negroni—is a great drink for a 95 degree day.   Campari, sweet vermouth and soda is bitter and smooth and refreshing.

I think my Americano was a much better choice than say, a Blue Blazer.  Yes, someone actually ordered these. Maybe it’s just me, but scotch on fire in the middle of a heat wave seems like an odd choice.

Sam Treadway

The JDP is going international.  We met a very sweet Canadian couple, Brianna and Kevin, and suggested that Brianna might enjoy a JDP a bit more than a Blue Blazer. She did.

Brianna and Kevin

Our evening ended with two mini JDPs—thank you, Sam!

I am making our Wednesday outing sound pretty low key, but I am leaving out many details about some of our fellow imbibers which made things interesting and entertaining.  Cheers!

Thanks to Paula for the photos.